SPIT: A short film by mtume Gant

Spit: A Short Film by Mtume Gant

Spit is an attempt to unpack the experience that so many artists fall victim to. It follows Jeremiah “Monk-One” Sinclair, an underground NY Hip Hop artist, as he reaches the conclusion to let his vocation go simply because he feels it causes him more pain to practice and “starve” for his art than to persevere. But unlike normal films where we watch the lead character go through their trial like a silent intruder, Spit will take a different perspective. It will be a point-of-view film, totally from the eyes of Monk-One. Inspired by the works of Andrei Tarkovsky, his masterpiece “The Mirror” in particular, the film will focus less on narrative and will instead aim to be an experience of life through heartbeat and breath. Using the camera as his eyes and brain, we shall witness his viewpoint as he navigates faithlessness, race, gender roles, manhood, and American capitalism’s stranglehold over artistic expression, all within the beast that is New York. It is an homage to all the artists who struggle in silence and all those who disappear in the struggle, leaving us to wonder where they've gone. 

Official Selections:

Aspen Shortsfest 

Woodstock Film Festival

Cucalorus Film Festival

HollyShorts Film Festival

Athens International Film & Video Festival

Coney Island Film Festival

New Filmmakers New York

Manhattan Film Festival

San Francisco Black Film Festival

BlackStar Film Festival

Harlem International Film Festival

New Voices in Black Cinema At BAMCinematek

The Bronx International Film Festival

Frozen Film Festival 

ChainNYC Film Festival 

Baltimore International Black Film Festival

Shortz Film Festival

San Francisco Film Awards

Awards and Nominations:

Winner Best Short Film - Coney Island Film Festival

Winner Best Short Film - Frozen Film Festival

Winner Best Short Narrative - Chain NYC Film Festival

Winner Best Director - Chain NYC Film Festival

Winner Best Drama - Shortz Film Festival

Award of Excellence for New Filmmaker - San Francisco Film Awards

Runner Up Best Concept - San Francisco Black Film Festival

Nominated Best Short Narrative - Woodstock Film Festival 

Nominated Best Short Film - San Francisco Black Film Festival

Nominated First Time Filmmaker - San Francisco Black Film Festival

Mtume Gant is a multi-disciplined artist & performer. A graduate of NYC's Laguardia HS & The Acting Conservatory at SUNY Purchase, he has worked heavily on stage, screen & TV, most notably as a cast member of the HBO show "Oz". Musically, he’s shared the stage worldwide with names such as Wynton Marsalis. His most recent accomplishments include writing/starring in Contact Theatre’s critically acclaimed production "Fields of Grey" in Manchester and directing the short film vignette for the song "Ease My Mind” by Conchita Campos.