SPIT: A short film by mtume Gant

Spit: A Short Film by Mtume Gant

Here's what the critics have to say about Spit...

"This 16 minute film uses the device of being shot from the first-person perspective of the protagonist, giving it a unique flavor and opportunities for great camera work."
Shadow and Act

"Having now the seen the film (multiple times), I can confirm that the Tarkovsky comparison is spot on (how many films have ever invoked the spirit of Hip-Hop and Andrei Tarkovsky?). S.P.I.T. also travels in the same lane as Julie Dash; the good qualities of post-‘98 Terrence Malick, and recent works like Newlyweeds (producer Scott Thorough provided the scores for both S.P.I.T. & Newlyweeds)."  
 -- CutPrintFilm

New Short In The Works!

Thanks to everyone who helped make Spit such a resounding success! We're on to the next project and are looking to raise funds for production. If you're interested in coming on as an Executive Producer or just wish to support the project, feel free to reach out to our team or donate directly below. Thank you again for your ongoing support. We truly appreciate everything!